Thursday, October 04, 2007

My birthday present finally arrived!

I have been waiting for three months for my Levenger lap desk to arrive, and it finally did today! I was hoping to have it over the summer when I was teaching and grading what seemed like a zillion papers, but no such luck. Then I hoped it would arrive before the fall semester started, and no luck then either. But today, it finally came. So now I can use it for my laptop (which I am doing right now), and for reading because of the handy adjustable top that can provide several levels of incline and hold a book, and that also means I can have my crochet patterns sitting at a convenient reading angle without losing them or having to move everything around. Plus, check out the great storage compartments underneath the lid. A big one in the center and two smaller ones on each side. What a great place to store a notepad, a couple of pens, a pair of scissors, or whatever! How happy am I?!

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Chauntel said...

Well that was worth the wait I would say! I love Levenger & when I finally have a laptop that is going on my wishlist for certain.
Happy late birthday to you!