Friday, October 19, 2007

Some new hooks

I ordered some handturned wood crochet hooks earlier this week, and they arrived this morning! I am so excited to have them, and I started a new project right away. Unfortunately, I think I need a smaller hook than I ordered.

I went ahead and ordered a set of large hooks, starting at size N and going up to size S. Those are the sizes I have the hardest time finding in a quality that I like. The large hooks, no.1, are usually made of cheap plastic. And, no. 2, it's hard to find a variety of sizes (usually just a P or Q, and maybe an N, but that's about it). These feel really good in the hand and have a nice smooth draw on the yarn.

Most of the wood hooks I have seen have just a slit for the hook and have a tendency to split the yarn and get caught. These are finely finished and have a hook that is shaped like those you would find on a nice quality aluminum hook. Another reason I was drawn to them. Plus, how great are the original designs on each hook?


Ally said...

You know, mom, those are some pretty sweet crochet hooks.
Oh, and I finally decided on exactly what i'm going to wear on halloween.
I'm going to wear the red chucks, purple leg warmers, black leggings, and a big red baggy sweatshirt that's all cut up. I'm gonna poof out my hair, and wear lots of bright ugly eye makeup and bright pink lipstick.
i'm so excited!!!!
P.S. I actually got to wear my coat tonight on the way to practice, it was freezing outside!!!

Chauntel said...

I will not be wearing what Alyx is wearing on halloween....but I do agree that the hooks are sweet!
Where did you order them from? I have wanted to try some but never found anywhere to get them, they are beautiful.