Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some fun pics of the puppy

Okay, so this dog just cracks me up! He loves to shove his face up against things (like the couch in this picture). He comes up and shoves his face into my leg all the time until I pet him. He also spends a lot of time sleeping on his back. The other day he stuck his feet straight up in the air and stretched all out while he was sleeping on the living room floor.

And of course we have to include the obligatory photo of Chewie. He's getting to be a pretty old man, but still loves his spot under the piano. As you can see, that's also where my yarn stash is. And amazingly, the dogs don't bother it. I thought Milo might want to chew on some of it, but thus far he has not even tried.

He is still a pretty mellow dog, and is very loving. He loves to cuddle, and usually jumps on my bed after everyone else has left in the morning and goes to sleep. He's so cute! He's rapidly become a member of the family and he and Chewie are getting along splendidly. Now, they are asleep in the living room...

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Chauntel said...

The new guy is so very cute, you are so right! I remember when you got Chewie, I thought mom was going to have a heartattack. He was so fluffy & out of control looking as a puppy and he's grown into such a handsome man. It's good to have him around to show the new little guy the ropes.