Friday, October 26, 2007

A trip to the zoo on a cool day

The kids were out of school last week for parent-teacher conferences and the weather was great, so we went to the zoo. It was a nice cool day, and the animals (the ones we saw anyway) were acting differently than they do on those hot summer days when we usually get to the zoo.

The penguins were swimming around a lot, and were playful. It's fun to watch them, especially when they dive.

The bears were actually out and moving, although, as you can see, not much. Just walking, then taking another nap. We saw the baby giraffe. He sure has grown a lot since we saw him last summer! He is really cute. And the mom and dad giraffes were out too. We just missed the chance to feed them. From 1 to 2 each afternoon you can pay a dollar and go up on a platform and feed the giraffes. The boys were disappointed, so I think we will try and do that next time we go.

And of course, we had to have the requisite picture of Kyle the monkey boy with his orangutan friend. I think he gets his picture taken on this sculpture every time we go to the zoo!

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Chauntel said...

Too fun!
We have a family zoo pass & I am so bad at taking the kids down there. Next time I go I will haul the camera along & do a fun post. I just posted some stuff on the family blog last week. There are some fun beach walk pictures to look at.