Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally, some projects to show

Well, kind of. I finished the sampler afghan (the one that had the most horrible directions ever). The pieces came out different sizes despite my best efforts. I had to add a row of double crochet here and there, sometimes around a whole piece, sometimes just along one or two edges. Hence the sometimes thicker white between pieces. Then I just double crocheted around the whole thing to finish it. I did the edging at tonight's crochet guild meeting.
I am happy with the way the finished afghan looks, but it is staying at my house. The pattern was a pain the butt, but I stuck it out and did all 20 squares. It's going on my couch!
Here's a closeup of the corner, and a better shot of the edging (if you can call simple double crochet edging). It's also pretty darn heavy because some of those squares are thick!
And finally, here is a square for another afghan that I'm starting. Half the squares will look like this, and the other half will have the colors reversed. And I also have to start Alyx's rug for her dorm room. She moves in on Thursday, and I really should try to get it done in time for her to take it with her. It's three strands held together, and I am doing it in red, black and white, surprise! The colors of University of Nebraska...


tellen said...

I love the redwhiteblue blanket! And you know what I can't stand? When patterns are written so wrong, huge adjustments have to be made to the final product to make up for it. But you did a great job. :)

Chauntel said...

I love that granny square! Of course, the blanket turned out nice.
Yeah, the more I look at that bottom square the more I like it.