Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hats for Iraq?

So I sat down yesterday (actually it was Tuesday) and decided I wanted to make a hat for Evan, my son who is serving in Iraq in the Army. I know it's hotter than blazes there right now, but it does get cold in the winter. So I whipped up one of these great hats (found in the Happy Hooker). I used Caron Simply Soft Shadows. I know it's acrylic, and theoretically won't breathe as well, but it is incredibly soft. The stripes are simply some Red Heart I had lying around and that actually contrasted. They whip up so fast, and I hope the guys like them. I have some Red Heart acrylic in a desert camouflage , and I may make a couple up in that, then wash them to see if they soften up. If they don't, then my two boys can wear them instead. I looked all over for some wool to make these in, and just didn't find anything that appealed to me. If the acrylic hats aren't warm enough, then I'll hunt around again for wool. These are nice and soft and stretchy, and I think would be comfortable. Fast and easy.

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Chauntel said...

Here are some good wools for inexpensive:
Patons classic merino- you can get it at some walmarts & michaels has it.
Swish superwash from knitpicks-
Lamb's Pride Superwash- you will have to hunt this one down online. Our local yarn store stocks it.
The superwash wools are nice, especially so you don't have to worry about them accidentally felting but still have all the properties of the wool.
There are lots of wool blends out there that still carry alot of the wool properties, like the wicking and breathing, with them.
I love quickie hats! And of course crocheted are much faster than knit. I like the texture of the singel & double crochet too.