Friday, August 31, 2007

A one-skein (or a little less) scarf

So I sat down this afternoon and decided to make up this scarf. I love the pattern and it turned out really nice, but I have more yarn left over than I thought I would. So, before I cut that yarn and finish it off, I am debating if I want to rip it all out and make it again, but longer this time. When I did all the math, converting the pattern from the yards on the pattern to the yard on my ball, I thought it would be just right. And although I did the math correctly, I think the ball might have just been a little longer than the label said (which i know is just a standard figure, but can vary).

I think I would like a longer scarf, and will probably decide to start over. I think I will add 4 more cycles of the pattern. That will add about 6 inches of length I think. I also used smaller hooks than the pattern called for. I used a J and K, and the pattern calls for a K and L. I simply don't have an L hook. I think it's the only size I don't have!

I do, though, absolutely love this pattern, and plan to make it up as gifts, and in different yarn sizes to make more "everyday" type wear in lighter fibers. And may even make it a little wider to see how that turns out. I think it would be a fun pattern to make in a chunky yarn for Alyx, and I'm sure I can adapt the shell border to go around a hat to match!


tellen said...

You know, if you love the pattern and don't mind doing it again, I say go for it! I love the color of it. The pattern is sweet too. :)

Chauntel said...

Hey, great minds think alike! I made a hat with the bottom in that same shell pattern to match my scarf I kept for myself! I love how it turned out & you are right to rip it out to use all of that skein. It's a beautiful yarn!

Ally said...

I love the scarf. I'd really love one!!!! And the hat sounds cute too.

oh, and i do really like those hats you made for evan!