Saturday, August 04, 2007

We made it to Nebraska, and head home today

We went to Rushmore Cave on Monday morning before Mark had to leave to go to Tucson for an Air Force Reserve trip. It was really cool, and I'll post more than just the one picture below later. There were really cool formations and it was quite colorful. It wasn't really big, but it was worth the trip.
Then on Tuesday we went to Wall and to Wall Drug. That is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. What a fun day! I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did get one good shot of the front of the store. It now takes up a city block and has stores that sell everything under the sun!
There was this cute little alligator (and I LOVE alligators and crocodiles), so the kids insisted I have my picture taken with it. He was awfully cute! We drove through the Badlands National Park on the way to Nebraska yesterday. We took a ton of pictures, and I will post some of them later, too.

And of course, I did try my hand at knitting just a little. And Chauntel, mom actually helped me! With a little practice I might eventually be able to figure it out. I think I need to go ahead and get some straight needles at first. Those circulars were really difficult to maneuver at first. I now know why I love to crochet--I don't have enough manual dexterity to work two needles and the yarn! :-) Mom even said that she might have to knit a little, she had fun working with me!

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Chauntel said...

If I can knit, anyone can. I swear! Mom was telling me that she thinks she got you totally screwed up. Funny ladies!
I am glad your trip went well, I bet it's nice to be home too.