Friday, August 24, 2007

Woohoo! Look what I found

I was out today with my ladies from the pool (from when I used to teach aquatic classes--we just decide we all liked each other enough that we meet once a month for lunch, and we just go to local places), and there was an estate sale right next to the tea room where we ate. Well, I love estate sales, so we walked over and wandered around. There was a little random yarn, and then I saw this great mohair. I am not sure how old it is, but the wrapped balls are 40g each, and the round ball feels like it might be about 3 more.

I stopped in at the Heritage Hut (a great little yarn store that was nearby), and the owner gave me the tip that I should rewind each of the balls into a new ball to check for breaks and weaknesses. One of the ladies in the crochet guild showed me how to make a center-pull ball by using a knitting needle to wrap the yarn on, so I should be able to wind these skeins without too much trouble. I think there's enough here to make a nice shawl. The fiber is 91% mohair and 9 % vinyon rhovyl (and I have no idea what that actually is). The label says "made in France exclusively for Reynolds yarns (N.Y.)."

It smells a tiny bit musty (like an old person's house), but I think it will crochet up into something pretty nice.
And the best part? It was only about $3! I love a bargain, and even if all I get out of it is a scarf, it's still a bargain. And I might decide to take it in and find a variegated mohair to go with it and make something a little bigger. There were a couple of really beautiful variegateds at the shop that I think would be nice with it. So now begins the search to find just the right pattern to stitch it up.


Ally said...

Oh... uh... i think i did steal your chucks. Sorry bout that.
And that's some pretty awesome yarn. you're such a nerd.

Ally said...

oh, yeah. About the homework part of your rug post - I'm going to do my homework every day.

Ally said...

yes ma'am. I was actually somewhat constructive today. I found all my classes, went to walgreens and supersaver and got some snacks for our dorm, and went to the midnight pancake feed. Overall, it was a very good day. I do have to remember to call some lady (i think her name is alyssa or something) and see about a ride to church tomorrow.

Ally said...

JOSH TURNER is coming to the Kansas State Fair on the 15th (i think)

YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!

Chauntel said...

HAHAHA Alyx cracks me up!
I know all about musty mohair estate sale yarns, for some reason people give them to me constantly! Do I look desperate for smelly old yarn? yes, i do? oh..I'll shut up now.