Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love daisies

I saw examples of this pattern on the granny-along blog, and one of the lovely ladies who posts there also posted the pattern. Actually, she posted some pictures of the squares, and then the gal who designed the square actually posted the pattern in the comments section. It's called Mary Ellen's daisy granny. I changed the pattern just a little, adding an extra round after the dark green (which is the leaves just behind the white daisy petals). The pattern calls for just two rounds of any color after the leaves, but I wanted a bigger square, and a little extra color. The top square is the dark green of the leaves, then a round of white, then two rounds of sage green.

I did a square with lavender (2 rounds), then sage green (2 rounds), then sort of a denim blue (2 rounds) for Kyle as a little blanket for his otter. He likes it, but I won't repeat that particular pattern again!

These are just some colors I tried together, and since grannies can be just about any color, and still be put together, I figured it was all right to experiment. I did realize after I got these three done that I also want some regular grannies to go with them. The flowers will be overwhelming if there is not something simple to break them up a little.

And of course, if I want to make the squares a little larger, I can just add a round or two to each square without any trouble. They make up really fast. I did these three in just this afternoon. I think these would make an adorable bag done up in cotton with a fun flowered lining, or a too-cute baby blanket in little sport-weight baby-color yarn.

And I have been informed that we certainly don't need another afghan, so this one may just have to be a gift for someone.

I am having fun in the meantime just making some squares and mixing up colors in true granny fashion. I have a couple of variegated yarns that will coordinate with some of the yarns I have used in these three squares, and some other colors. So I'll do some more, and include some variegated yarns as well.

Once I have some more done, I'll start thinking about what color to use to join and use in a border to tie the squares together. And now, I am just itching to make my granny-square sweater!

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Chauntel said...

Those are so fun & for crap's sake, who doesn't need another afghan laying around??? ;o)