Monday, August 06, 2007

More on our trip

My internet connection is very slow tonight, so I will post more pictures later. We actually got mom into a mine tunnel to see an underground waterfall. It was only about 600 feet from the mouth of the cave to the falls, but that is sometimes too far for mom. It was originally dug as a gold mine, and when the miners got in to where the waterfall was, they quit digging. It's pretty cool, and you can see the drill marks in the walls. There are spots where you can see the copper residue (the walls turned pretty green) and where quartz deposits are (and those often indicate a presence of gold). The small river then runs out the front of the cave and there is another small falls. It is in a really pretty area with lots of Ponderosa pines and other foliage, granite rocks and some interesting rock formations.
We also went to Deadwood that day, but there wasn't much to see--just lots of gambling joints. I think the casinos have kept the city alive, but it doesn't make it a fun place for families. There were some pretty famous criminals and Wild West characters that are connected to Deadwood, though, like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock. They have a "Boot Hill," but the REAL Boot Hill is right here in Dodge City, Kansas. And we can claim Wyatt Earp as out own...
Once my connection is cooperating a little more I'll post some other pictures from the falls and some pics of our drive through the Badlands National Park on our way home. It was pretty incredible!

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Chauntel said...

I am shocked you got mom in there at all! She didn't mention it to me, maybe she has blocked the experience already ;o)