Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lots of little things

So I went on a little hatmaking binge and made some hats for the boys. The black and white one is actually made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and will go in the stack for Iraq. The blue and the gold ones are Ryan's and the camo one is Kyle's. It matches his school backpack...

The wool-ease crochets up nice and soft, and I think will make a nice hat that has the wicking and warmth properties of wool, and the washability of acrylic because of the 80/20 blend. Just enough wool. As I stood in Michael's and looked at yarn, I just had to restrain myself from buying oodles of it to make yet another afghan. There were some really nice colors and the yarn is nice and soft.

I also ripped out my scarf and re-crocheted it a little longer. I was pleased with the smaller amount of yarn I had left, and decided to make a little flower to pin on the scarf. I had just enough yarn to make this 6-petaled flower, that I think adds just a nice little touch. I have a great red yarn for Alyx, that I will make this scarf and a hat, and should have enough left to make a few flowers to scatter on her hat and scarf. I like the way the flower made up and it was easy...just the right touch for a hat with a shell border.

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Chauntel said...

You are so right (as always but I won't let that out) that Woolease is the best.yarn.ever. I love it's washability, it doesn't pill like other blends do and it comes in tons of colors! Plus, it's super cheap.
And, the flower on the scarf is so cute. I am glad you reworked it to use up all of that luscious yarn. It makes me want to crochet another. I don't need it, really.