Monday, September 24, 2007

A little splurge

I've been really anxious to make this great baby-doll top pattern in the spring issue of Interweave Crochet, and have had a difficult time finding just the yarn I want to make it in. The pattern used bamboo, but I really wanted to feel the yarn before purchasing for this project. So I haunted the stores and went to Twist, where I found some yarns I loved, but just couldn't bring myself to spend $100 or more just to make a top (cheapskate runs very deep in me). But Shelly did have some really lovely 100% cotton that feels like it will drape nicely and be comfortable as well. And she had a beautiful green (I love green and orange, but not usually together;-) ). It's a nice slightly on the heavy side of DK weight, and feels really great. Soon, I'll have to get started... The hank shown above is the "extra" because the yardage on these hanks is a little shorter than the ones used, so we wound all the other, and I'll wind this one if I need it. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about making this, and it will be my first fitted clothing project.

And when Alyx was home this weekend, she saw the hats I had made for the boys and tried to steal Ryan's blue one, so I made her a green one. I used Bernat Softee Chunky, which is a bulky weight yarn. It should be nice and warm for her when the weather starts to get cold. It worked up nice and fast, and it is soft and thick.

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Chauntel said...

Okay, Alyx is adorable! No surprise there really.
The Provence is one of my favorite yarns but our 1 store that carried it doubled the price and then stopped carrying it so I just have a few random balls leftover from when they had it for $6 a hank. That rocked! I love the green, it will be a very cute top! I want to see pics once it's going. Oh, I got the package today, thanks so much for doing that!