Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And we have another runner in the family

Ryan had his first cross country meet of the season today. It wasn't nearly as hot as it has been, and there was a breeze, so I think the conditions were all right. The middle schoolers ran a 1.5 mile course. The picture on the top is the start of the race, and the runners extend past the edges of the picture frame on both sides. The team in red in the center is Ryan's team. He did pretty well considering that running does not exactly run in the family. My life would have to be in severe danger for me to run willingly! But somehow Evan got some good running genes. Maybe Ryan has a little bit of that as well.

The last picture is near the finish, probably about the last 200 yards or so of the race. As Ryan came in he was determined (as you can see) to make it to the end.

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Chauntel said...

I am so proud! I could never, ever run & to see a bunch of runners in the family (Scott is doing tri-athalons now) it's rather inspiring. Too bad my asthma & laziness take over.
Great Job Ryan!!!