Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yea! I have more memory in my computer

I have been running my laptop with 256MB ram since I bought it almost three years ago. I had another 256 card lying around waiting to get put in, and just never got around to it. When Evan got Skype and could call over the computer, and Mark put it on his computer too, and the sound was so great, I knew it was time to upgrade. So I ordered a 1GB card, and installed it (all by myself!) this afternoon. It was so much easier than I expected.

Now I will go download the program, and buy a headset, and woohoo, I can talk to my kid in Iraq!

And of course, I will add a picture to this post, just because I can, and it should load faster. So, the picture you see is a bag I bought in South Dakota on vacation, and I just like the pattern in the fabric. And when I have more crocheting done, I will post more pictures of it, too.

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Chauntel said...

No kidding yay for more memory!
I bought an external hard drive (portable size which will rock when I do eventually have a laptop) and now I need to install it. My computer is so old dad said I should just buy a new one but it still works, kinda, so I will hold out as long as I can!