Monday, September 17, 2007

New stuff to show

So it's been a little while since I have taken the time to sit down and write and post some pictures. I finished this scarf last week, and I just love it. I used the same pattern as the orange alpaca (the one-skein pattern), but used some ribbon yarn that my sister sent. It's really nice and lightweight, and will be a great accessory for my black and green wardrobe when winter comes. Wow, that makes me sound like a witch. Hmmmm, maybe it's an accurate statement...

The yarn is a little soft, and it took more than one skein (just a little more, really). But it drapes nicely and will be excellent accessory wear, with a black or lime turtleneck. I also have a great lime-green denim jacket with which it will look absolutely adorable. Now, if we could just have some of the cool weather we had over the weekend return.

I LOVE this scarf pattern and have more plans for it in the future. I think I will make Christmas gifts for my friends and the ladies I visit teach (who are actually also my friends!). I have plans to make it out of a really bulky yarn, and would like to make it out of a soft cotton blend as well. I could use one in every color!

On another note, we had the pleasure of a visit from the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) yesterday. Now, I am not a knitter (my sister would say I am not yet a knitter), but I can definitely appreciate anyone who seriously loves yarn, and can joke about it. She was really very personable and fun to listen to. I just substituted "crochet" nearly every time she said "knit" and it worked well. Except for when she talked about the apocalyptic day that sheep would offer no more wool, and we would be left with the yarn in our stashes. She warned the room full of knitters that they would have to watch out for the crocheting hordes, who would come because crochet works up so much faster and we would run out of yarn first! I seriously had to laugh at that, but it gave me an idea as to why I might be a little reticent to give up my hooks and replace them with needles any time soon. Besides, I am still not convinced that I can handle two pointy sticks at one time! It was a lot of fun to have her visit, and you can see from the picture that she smiles a lot!

And finally, I went to Michael's today to buy some bamboo that was on sale (unfortunately it was bulky and I need DK weight) and found this marvelous bulky yarn on clearance for $1 a ball. Well, I certainly couldn't pass up a bargain like that, could I? So I bought all of this color that I could find, 25 balls, and now I am looking for a car coat type of pattern made with bulky yarn to make out of it. Barring that, I will use it in a mixed fiber afghan. It is incredibly soft, and I love the oranges, tans and sages. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm.


tellen said...

I love that ribbon yarn scarf! That turned out quite nice in the crochet.

How cool you were able to see the Yarn Harlot! I am a fan of her and her blog, she cracks me up. Because everything she says is so true... :)

Chauntel said...

Tracy should love it! The yarn originally came from her mom's best friend, then to Tracy, then to me & now to you! Funny! I never would have tried that scarf with it & look how cute it is!
It sounds like Stephanie was entertaining & a riot like usual. How nice would that be to be that entertaining naturally? I like to make people laugh, I just can't do it that often ;o)